Sunday, February 21, 2010

5th Motif - Green Butterfly

This butterfly will be taking flight soon to the Palmetto Tatting Guild - it is my membership butterfly for 2010.

I made this butterfly once before when I first began tatting and it was quite a challenge then. This time I used a finer thread and took my time. The butterfly is actually five sections all joined together.

I used both shuttle and needle tatting techniques to make this butterfly. I could have done the entire butterfly using either technique, but I had already wound shuttles for both colors using the continuous thread method and I did not want to make the two- and three-ring centers using the thread on the shuttles. They are such small sections that I decided to needle tat them and leave the thread CTM on the shuttles for the larger outside sections of the wings.

Now fly away, fly away little butterfly...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

4th Motif - Curds and Whey

Now that I  have Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, I want to try every pattern in her book. One of the patterns I've been wanting to work on are edgings. The pattern I selected out of Mary's book was Curds and Whey.

It requires only one shuttle and I filled a plastic Clover shuttle and was able to complete this piece with 3-4 inches of thread left over. It measures about 7' (or 19cm) When I ordered the book from Handy Hands, they included a small spool of thread to try and I loved working with it. I could not find a number on it but is a size 40 thread and from the pictures on their website it could be the Grape Pizzaz color. It's absolutely gorgeous and a dream to work with.

I also worked on a small edging and added it to a burp cloth during the Superbowl Game which you can see on Tatteristic's main blog.