Monday, February 14, 2011

15th & 16th Motifs - Hearts in a Snowflake & Simple Angel

Here is my 15th motif - a beautiful pattern by Jon Yusoff called Hearts in a Snowflake. I thought it was fitting for Valentine's Day. I really enjoyed doing the second round with chains and clovers done by switching your shuttles. Jon's patterns are lovely, very easy to follow, and fun to tat.

I had some thread left so I tatted Birgit's Simple Angel (Motif #16). Again, it was also a fun pattern to tat and worked up in no time at all. Next time I'll have to add beads to make her more 'glorious' and 'heavenly.'

Modified 2/15/11 to change the motif numbers.


***Jon**** said...

I am glad to read that you enjoyed tatting the snowflake. Thank you.

Tatteristic! said...

Yes, I did, Jon. Thank you for your wonderful patterns. They are all beautiful.