Thursday, May 5, 2011

Response from Jane in South Africa

In my last post, I mentioned that I did not know how to contact Jane from South Africa who updated the bookmark braid pattern I used. Well, she saw my post and wrote to me. Jane does not have a blog due to some unreliable internet access and I asked her if I could share her store with all of you and she gladly agreed to let me post it here.

Jane's story is heartwarming and I know you'll love reading about her life so here it is:
Hi Tatteristic, (that sounds funny, hi anyway), glad you like the bookmark pattern. I’m Jane....from Zimbabwe, but there have been a lot of political problems there, so I am currently living in South Africa. I learnt to tat just before I got married, 30 years ago. I had a teach-yourself pamphlet, but I couldn’t figure out the ‘flip’, so my aunt took me to tea with a friend of hers who tatted, and I got the hang of it. The problem with teaching myself was that it was a few years before someone lent me a book that said ‘NB, the term picot refers only to the loop of thread and not the stitch that holds it’, and I realised that I was doing an extra stitch for every picot in a pattern! Anyway, I used Burda patterns and Coats pamphlets and what not for a few years, until I started a spinning and knitting business. I spent a lot of time stirring a dye pot, and it just wasn’t compatible with tatting. I didn’t do much tatting for many years. When we were forced to leave the farm, I had to close my spinning business. I took tatting up again, and discovered the wonderful world of tatting on the internet. I’ve learnt so many new techniques in the last few years, and am now even using beads, as you can see on Jane Eborall’s blog. I would blog myself, but I live on a farm very far from the nearest town and my internet connection is very iffy. I have problems uploading photographs, and a blog is no good without photos! There is talk of putting a tower near here, so perhaps one day.... Best Wishes, Jane
I'm so glad Jane contacted me and I hope we're able to continue to stay in touch. It's always fascinating to hear someone's story about how they began tatting and who taught them.

Thank you, Jane, for sharing with all of us and let's hope they get better internet connectivity out there in your area so that you can begin your own blog too.

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Fox said...

Great post! And a big HELLO to Jane in South Africa, if she comes back to read comments! **Hi, Jane,** from Canada!

Thank you Tatteristic for posting this.
Aren't tatters wonderful!
Fox : )