Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12th Motif - Beaded Wreath

This time of year requires some holiday motifs. I've done a few snowflakes but I couldn't resist this beautiful beaded wreath. The designer is Laura Bobay and the pattern can be found on Tat-Man's website.

Just so you know, the pattern calls for a second round of tatting but I liked it so much with just the first round that I stopped there. I've started making a second wreath and will do both rounds - I promise.


Bri's Bits said...

so simple yet absolutely beautiful!
very nice :)

Liyarra said...

Hmmm - looks familiar - could this be my lovely Christmas wreath from Santa????
Love it even without the outer row it is still very pretty.

Tatteristic's 25 Motif Tatting Challenge said...

Thank you Bri and Liyarra. Yes, it is your Secret Santa gift. I hope you enjoy it. I really had fun making it for you and now I am making one for myself.

Linda said...

What a pretty wreath! And I love the shade of green.